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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shankar-Jaikishan's Vishesh Jaimala - 1 Broadcast on Vividh Bharti

[Shankar presented Jaimala twice; this is the translation of Program-1]

Shankar’s namaskaar to dear fauji brothers! I am a music composer and my job is to compose music. Me and Jaikishan, we know about music, though not about this mortal world, and we speak with you only through the music that we present to you. And we speak only the language of music.
Song: Hothon pe sachchaai rehti hai….. (Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai)

You already know, this song is from Raj Kapoor saheb's film. You know that a song is created to a situation. And that song to that situation is also related to a person's life. So it is essential that the song is liked by all and understood by all; that is called a song. Especially, the song should fit with the situation of the film but at the same time it should also fit a person’s real life situation. You know this song is a patriotic song listened to by thousands of people in our country and there are so many languages and everybody speaks his own language but the essence of this song is that we are one and wherever we Indians live, anywhere, our hearts are one, we should move together and we will remain united. Music helps us in our unity. And the music which is famous not only here but in the entire world is classical music. And people think that classical music is very difficult to understand but it is not like that. Classical music is the way it is transformed. Some people have made it appear difficult. Probably this is why people think it is difficult to understand. It is not at all so. We have composed a song based on classical music, I would like you to listen to it.

Song: Koi matwala aya mere dvaare (Love in Tokyo)

Fauji brothers! Probably you might not be knowing or probably might have read in some newspaper that I was very fond of workout. And in those days, I used to do lot of workout as well as wrestling. I think you would be please to know that the music composer was also a wrestler. But along with wrestling, since early days, I have done a lot of hard work on music too – I have wrestled with music too! But the wrestling with music is not akin to common wrestling. It is done with love and affection. And music doesn’t get created by force. The more you create it with love or the more your heart you can pour into it, the more joy and pleasure it gives you. A song we have composed with lot of love and heartfelt affection, the voice is of Mohammad Rafi saheb and the film is Basant Bahar.
Song: Badi der bhayi, kab loge khabar more Raam….. (Basant Bahar)

There have been great singers in the film world, some have gone, some of them are still there. By God’s grace they should be there always, and new ones too come, new ones should get chance. And we wish newcomers to be there from whom we gain new things, we too can do new work. As you might remember, many years back we had introduced a new singer. And her name is Sharda. Many of her songs became popular, and do you remember which was Sharda's very first popular song?
Song: Titli udi, ud jo chali….. (Suraj)

I would now like to tell you about a small incident. It is about my dear Jaikishan, I would like to tell you something about him. What happened, at the time of composing this song ‘mere dil tu kahin chal’, we had a lot of fun. So Jaikishan saheb is sitting with his instrument, saying ‘Bhai, kiska dil leke tu chal?’ I said, ‘What are you talking about? You always follow your heart, I keep on sitting here. Now don’t be in a hurry to go anywhere.’ He said, ‘No yaar, I have to go somewhere, I am too tired.’ I said, ‘You complete the remaining work for this song because our producer saheb, Amiya Chakraborty will be coming to listen to it, you sit here today, finish it and then you go.' So he said, 'No yaar, I have some appointement, I have to go.' So (I) said, 'Has it something to do with any girl?’ So he said, ‘Is it required to ask, it should be understood.' So we used to work this way. And what was so special about Jaikishan, he was a colourful person, always very jovial, used to keep on laughing, and always used to be in very decent attire, and proudly used to move in the car but at the time of doing work, he used to work so immaculately that it was incomparable. But the magic he has packed in this song and what he has really done - the way we used to call him 'lahri' and 'rangila raja', in this song too - 'ab mere dil', the magic that he packed is incomparable.
Song: Aye mere dil kahin aur chal….. (Daag)

In film songs, only the tune, lyrics, voice being good is not enough. Apart from that orchestra is very much required. And one must also know how to use good instruments, new type of instruments in that orchestra. And me and Jaikishan, both are very fond of orchestra, we both used to play all the instruments, like Jaikishan used to play accordion, piano, harmonium very well. By the way I used to play tabla very well, apart from that I also know to play piano, harmonium, accordion etc. and I also know dance. All such things are required in all such songs, we adorn the songs with the help of these and create beauty in the songs. Now I want to play one such song for you in which we did lot of hard work on the orchestra. What we had played in the orchestra, which instruments we used, now I would tell you. Like there is a solobox, accordion, synthesizer and there are lot of other instruments, like there is saxophone, then drums, side drums, bongo, kongo, we used all these things in it and we used double bass, in fact 2-2 double bass’. And we used lot of small instruments and the beauty all these things brought to that song, I am presenting the song now.
Song: Aapki ray mere bare mein….. (Elaan)

You just now enjoyed big orchestra. It is not essential that in each song there be big orchestra. A song with light orchestra is also pleasurable. Now I would play a song for you in which Mr.Robert played piano and I too played piano with him and that instrument is distinctly heard in that song. And you would certainly enjoy that instrument. So listen to that song and remember those two friends who departed from us - Jaikishan and Mukesh.
Song: Dost-dost naa raha….. (Sangam)

Fauji brothers, I would like to take your leave now. I hope, in this journey of life, we would keep on meeting. Here I go, bye! The only request is, whenever you remember me, pray (to God) to meet.
Song: Zindagi ek safar hai suhana….. (Andaz)
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